i must be craving pink dick

all i wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens, and absorb its power.

 dentist(s) named Crentist

The way they make the family dynamic work in this show is what makes it consistently superb to me. Yeah, it’s embracing misfits, and it’s portraying a family that is devoted to each other and obviously loves one another. But you get some of each of those in other cartoons (and sitcoms); Bob’s Burgers manages to marry those two things perfectly and apply it to the Belchers every week. […] But instead of making the characters into caricatures that grate on the audience and each other, they made them a working family that knows and loves each others’ uniqueness. (x)

just finished orphan black shit man SHIT


p sure my favorite clone so far is cosima

update. my favorite is still cosima.

lmao is leslie really having triplets. I saw it on here and I thought it was a joke or part of fan fic but lmaooooo she’s having triplets what is this show doing